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i just have a question... since i was a kid i have always seen faces and images in the grains of wood or marbelized stone... things of that nature. it would only be after i had been gazing for awhile or away in thought while looking at a wall or something...does anyone else do this? does it have anything to do with psychic abilities and divining things through objects?
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i do that too, i dont know if it is psychic as much as great creativity. I see pictures in that stuff all the time, sometimes it will ruin wallpaper for me lol. But then I can just mold the image into another face or animal and I'm all good. I think it is like seeing shaoes in clouds. You never know though, a lot of people look for shapes in stuff like that for signs
Most children will see human attributes in all kinds of things. They assume their teddy bears have feelings, give them names, talk to trees or get really upset if they can't feed their baby doll. Kids will also see faces in patterns- tree bark, wallpaper, grass.

We have a natural tendency to see patterns and recognizable objects in things. That's why we look up at the clouds and see seahorses and battleships. The problem is that most people lose this as they get older- they learn to assume that seeing pictures in the kitchen table is silly, or at worst, insane.

It is a wonderful thing to retain that ability. I think that it can help with your talents- you're more willing to accept things that others do not. It is not a gift in itself- but it's a wonderful view to retain. :)