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I'm new so I guess I better introduce myself. My name is Monica and I’m a Pisces Clairvoyant Empath. Often misunderstood. I feel everyone around me, and my group of friends are also very much empaths , so we all have bonds that are almost of a telepathic nature. I have been Psychic since I was born, hanging around with Spirits, calling them my imaginary friends. I can feel people around me, from physical to emotional pain. I can also feel the future and read Tarot Cards with quite an good accuracy. I am very sensitive to everything around me, from painful pictures to basically any emotional pain thrown at me. My friends/Family can be miles away from me and if in any agony I feel it right away. My mom got attacked and sent me so much emotion one night that I felt to the floor from an anxiety attack.

I have buckets of love, and I love unconditionally, I can forgive anyone, and see good in everyone. I can basically look in a Serial Killers eyes and understand the reason for it all. Sometimes I'm unsure if I have been given a gift, or a curse..but knowing that there are others like me around gives me comfort. I am also very interested in astrology, and I can basically feel a person astrological sign even before asking. I can literally scan people by looking at them, and feel their way of living, if I'm making any sense. Anyways, It was nice to meet all of you, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all!

<3 Monica
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