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Read the community info...

and to be here. I am a 25-year-old, often misunderstood, usually confused slightly precognitive Empath. My abilities have been growing and changing a lot of late, so I thought reaching out to some like-minded individuals who aren't going to think my life is a giant role playing game would be a good idea. So...Here I am. *half smile* Looking forward to getting to know everyone better...
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Welcome :) I'm Kelley, 15. mean this isn't a RPG community????shucks :P Btw I'm highly sarcastic ;)

I hope you enjoy it here :)
You are? I never would have noticed. Thanks for the welcome :) And I hope to enjoy it here too *grin*
Welcome... both here and the empaths community. (I'm a moderator there. :) ) I am in a similar position, so I look forward to talking with you!
Likewise, though it seems every time I go to post life explodes ltely. If jail weren't a really bad idea ...*mutter curse* Wait...there that whole I can't hurt people without hurting myself thing. Dammit. *grumble* :)
I'm new here myself. I'm 32, male, precognative and telepathic.
Only mildly. My mother is stronger.

I don't really know about being empathic. My experiences are just an extention of the mundane really. "Knowing" things were going to happen etc.

Influencing other people telepathically (I am against that now).

I knew I was psychic as a kid, but I never really admitted it to myself until the beginning of this year.