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some questions

i'm not really sure what to think of all this, I guess i'm just looking for some answers? I stumbled upon this community by accident but the more I read past entries of these and other related communities I'm thinking more and more this is what I'm looking for.

I don't know if I am gifted with ESP or not...but maybe you can tell me.

One of the main things that makes me feel like I have a "6th sense" is a more than normal sense of deja vu. A lot more than I think average people do, I feel like I've lived an event, either in a dream or in my thoughts, and then hours, weeks, or even months later I will live the same event and know exactly what will happen, who will be there, and what will be said. Even small, pointless things, silly conversations or events. Also, there have been many times when I know what people are thinking before they say it. Its not as if I can read their thoughts, I just know what they are thinking, even possibly feeling. Many times while with groups of people I will turn to someone and answer their question, or respond to what they were going to say before it was said. I didn't even realize I do this until people look at me dumbfounded and ask how I knew they were thinking that. For a while I've just brushed it off and I thought it was just normal, but I don't know anymore...

Another thing is how I've always been able to "read" people very well. I can feel what they are like, their character, what kind of person they are before even really meeting them. I will know if someone is trustworthy, if someone is a good person etc. even before words are said. I feel, i guess (and pardon the cliche) but "in tune" with people and don't really know why. I have feelings that I can't really explain, like a different sort of connection with people.

I don't have very strong visions, except in dreams. I don't dream of the apocalypse or major events though, more normal life events.

If I am being ridiculous then just tell me, but I would really like to know if I am possibly gifted with an extra sense, and what it is exactly...and how I can learn more about it.

thanks for your help.

p.s. this is cross posted in a few similar communities
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