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I've had some wird experiences lately.

A few friends and I have been properly using an ouija board lately, and we have been told of our powers we hold within us. Two of my friends were told to have 4 each, and I posessed 6. This seemed odd to me, one person have 4-6 different powers, sounds a little fishy. But technically some of them are closey linked together... but this is not the point of my story here.

Anyway, I asked it which powers I posessed. I got the usual same things that my friends before me were said to have, and then it told me something unexpected - hydrokinesis. My friends had no idea what it was, but I've been interested in odd "kinesis'" for a few years now. And it surprised me that it even chose to speak of such a power, especially to me.

I didn't really believe this spirit at all, even though it would have been very beneficial to have a gift such as this. Anyway, I was sitting on my porch waiting for my small brother to come home, when suddenly - I look to the clouds. I thought of how lovely it would be to hear the rain fall down onto the now dry pavement, creating calming feeling. I pictured my spirit flying to the sky, and streching my large wings, laying them on the clouds, and from them squeezing water to fall below.

And so I sat there, until a few minutes later - when it miraculously started to rain! I was so surprised, so then I pictures more rain coming, and then it settling down, and then re-falling again. It was so odd, but I assumed it was only a coincidence. I tried it again today also, and I got the same results. Do you guys think that this gift I may have is even existant? Or just a couple of coincidences? It's so rare to hear of this power that I doubt it may exist. Is it possible?
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