Sarah (queenofthefam) wrote in psychicchildren,


I haven't posted here since my original post(I'm the empath who was having trouble focusing)but now I'm having another problem.I promise one day a post where I'm not having a problem hehe.

For the last couple of weeks,I'll get these dizzy spells where I'll receive these emotions and sometimes...well I'm not sure they're visions because I "feel" the images more than I actually see them. I think something is trying to tell me or show me something but they're just flashes and I can't really understand them.

I've tried meditating but the visions never come.It happens at really inopportune moments like when I'm talking to a teacher or walking down the hallway.When people are around they think I'm fainting or something because sometimes they're so intense that I have to lean against a wall.I can't exactly tell them I think I'm having visions,all except one of my teachers and one of my friends would think I'm psycho.

I know many on here have visions but this is new area to me so any suggestions on how I can "block" the visions until I can meditate or at least stop the dizzy spells?They're really starting to interfere with my life.

Thanks and Blessed Be,
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