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i was just told that i have precognition. i always dismissed it, and i have always been kinda scared of it. since i was a kid i have had dreams about the apocolypse and these like exagerrated deja vu's that someone told me are considered visions at my stage. i would not see moments in the future but actually "relive" like ten or fifteen minutes of a conversation or something that i hadn't seen before. everyone tells me its coincidence, but my guess is they don't have it. so i guess the most recent time i had a precog dream was yesterday. i have dreams where if i see someone that i haven't seen in awhile, and i can identify them in the dream, and they don't talk to me, i know i will see them within the week. it usually takes a week, and i was very surprised when it happened the next DAY!!! i saw an ex friend that i dreamt about. its wierd stuff.
do any of you ever feel spirits around you? i feel like sometimes its my imagination, but there are spirits all around me, and a girl living in my dorm room... uh yeh i know thats some other wordly type stuff, but am i goin crazy lol. i have not tried to talk to her, i am scared shitless of her. i try to avoid her, and she hasnt bothered me in anyway, i just feel her there.
anyway, good to meet you all, i am looking forward to hearing about your stories!!!

i also really want to know how to focus this, and be in control, because it frustrates me when it happens, i get all these crazy emotions with it.
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