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i jjust happen to have a wide variety of strange abilities,most of them didnt come out until i was aboot 8-10 years old , but over the years ive refined them. evaryone on my mothers side of the family has some degree of narural psychic abilty, but me and my uncle(being the only two males with the abilities) are the only ones that openly embrace them. i leared quite awhile ago that i was an indigo child , and i decided to take advantage of first , i wasnt sure how i could refine my skills , but later i found that kuji-in( ancient japanese folk magic) was very helpful with raising my skills in healing , now i no longer need it to heal. i also used kuji-in to practice weather altering , which is helpful and fun. for a long while ive been able to see spirits and other things. but a couple years ago i started having precognitive dreams , and lately ive been having precognitive visions while im awake , although they only give me a 2 minute warning , which i have found is plenty of time. at one point in time i got into the taroh reading , but i found them unreliable , now i read the runes and use runespells all the time.once i made the mistake of being extremly open aboot my use of magic and al the wat nots , and in my small ignorant towne that was a mistake. all of the religious freaks here seem to think these abilities are attached to the mark above my left temple , although it may be a possibility , i think its a bit far fetched. well , i just joined this community so i could read sum good stories , and maybe gain sum input, hopefully it will be worth my time.
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